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Cavalon Team

Meet the skilled, friendly team at Cavalon Aesthetics.

Left to right: Wanda Wilcox, Patient Services Representative; Regina Rodriguez, Medical Assistant; Jenifer Henderson, MD, FACS; Angela Durbin, CPCP; Certified Nurse Aesthetician Syliva Mills, LPN; Adrean Sehmel, CST; and Heather Farner, Aesthetics Coordinator. 

The board-certified physician and specialists at Cavalon Aesthetics share the same commitment to excellence and compassion in patient care as our partner, The Doctors Clinic. Their philosophy of renewal involves the full spectrum of care — from preventative to maintenance — and the latest, safest techniques. They are dedicated to helping you achieve your greatest potential.


Rex-Zane Rudee, of Hudson Photography, captures the essence of the Cavalon team during their recent photo shoot.


The Cavalon Team at the 2014 annual Holiday Open House.


Halloween, 2014.

Annual Holiday Event, 2015.